Technological advancement in the automotive industry has led to production of more powerful, highly impressive and great deals of cars in the recent past. With the emergence of 2014 ford mustang already in the market, there is no doubt that this model of the car will be a big surprise for the lovers of cars. Most importantly, car trading insurance is critical especially when purchasing it as a guarantee of your safety. Always never underestimate the critical significance of getting the most suitable car trade insurance because despite covering you up provides a platform to guarantee safety of your loved ones. Here is look at some of the impressive features of classic Shelby mustang.

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1. Body Style of Classic Shelby Ford Mustang

Classic 1967 Shelby Mustang comes in both coupe and convertible depending on your preferences and offered in different trim levels GT, V6, GT premium, and V6 premium and more stunning GT500 mustang model. All these models portrays different impressive features for example v6 model comes with 17 inch alloy wheels, cruise control, full power accessories, xenon headlights, a four speaker stereo system with an external audio jack plus a CD player. It also includes a customizable appearance package which greatly adds on body work, rear spoiler and graphics.

The GT 2014 Ford Mustang has incredible breaking system featuring two axles and brembo brakes for maximum acceleration and control. It's also fitted with an engine cooler from boss 302, a radiator and 3.73.1 rear end. For GT premium houses all options available in v6 and GT with an additional of either 18 or 19 inch wheels and more sophisticated sound system.

Other astounding body features of classic shelby mustang include heated front seats, tech package for V6 and V8 models, dual zone automatic climate control, parking sensors, aerodynamic elements, exterior trim, a glass roof, rear view camera, sport front seats and a cover for convertible models.

2. Performance and Power Trains

Cclassic Shelby Mustang brings forth an impressive performance feature showcased by its different models and capability. For example 3.7l V6 Ford Mustang offers several options for the engine power trains ranging from V6 with a 5L to V8 which makes 420 horse power. This gives you an opportunity to minimize on your fuel cost and largely cut down on your fuel budget.

3. Launch Control

All models of classic Shelby mustangs' features impressive and highly advanced track stability enhancement with a launch control system which provides an eight mode operation control.

4. Safety

The great feature of tinted glass roof starting from the front window to the back of the trunk leaves you fully shielded and the tinting property keeps you safe from the harsh solar rays off your eyes. Additionally, ford mustang comes with both front and side airbags to guarantee your safety. The disc brakes also proof undisputed garnering a four star rating from customer showing clearly the capability of this mustang car. In addition you can acquire different car trading insurance packages and insure your Mustang to reinforce on your security.

5. Other Special Interior Design Features

Interior designs of Mustangs accomplish its magnificent looks and performance. It has a fully synchronized voice activation feature which greatly simplifies audio operation, navigation and phone systems with incredible buttons which don't in any way display the solid nature, center console and door panels all finished up with hard plastic. It also features an automatic dual exhaust system which produces a very unique roar sound clearly distinctive from any other and highly coherent light emitting diode for the high density discharge HID.